Rescue Mode / Rescue Image

OpenVCP has a feature that allows users from within the customers webinterface to enable a so called "rescue mode" for their virtual server, in case that they have locked themselves out of their system. When the user switches a vserver into resuce mode, OpenVCP replaces the root system of the virtual server with a rescue image. The original data is moved to a subfolder ("/rescue") during the time that the user leaves the "rescue mode" on. This enables the user to regain access to his vserver and fix the condition that lead to the lockout.

Switching into "rescue mode" will only work if the admin defines a rescue image for the node. All one has to do is to create a symbolic link named "rescue" in his image folder that points to a regular image. e.g. cd /vservers/images; ln -s debian rescue (assuming that a working image named "debian" exists in your image folder)