1. Download the latest version of OpenVCP using subversion (svn)
  2. You're done


  1. Configure the daemon
    • run autoconf if you use the svn version
    • ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc
    • for gnutls support add the flag --with-gnutls
    • for ipv6 support add the flag --with-ipv6
  2. Compile & install
    • make (if your system doesnt find python-config, do a "ln -s /usr/bin/python2.4-config /usr/bin/python-config" on Debian 4.0 Systems)
    • make install
  3. Edit the config file
    • edit /etc/openvcpd.conf
    • Change "IP" to your own ip and "Ifaces" to the interface you want to measure traffic on
    • Copy some images to your image directory usually "/vservers/images" (e.g.: ( These Images are just folders that contain a Linux system )
  4. Start the daemon
    • openvcpd




  1. Copy all files to the server
  2. Modify core/openvcp.conf
  3. Insert core/mysql.sql into db manually or use install.php
  4. Chmod 777 core/cache


  1. Goto the url where openvcp is installed at and login using:
    • Username: Admin
    • Password: test