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  • Is it possible that the webinterface and the daemon runs on the same host. Yes, this is prossible too even though it was mainly made to manage multiple hosts.
  • Is the number of host servers (Nodes) limited ? No you can add as many Nodes as you like
  • Is the connection between the webinterface and the nodes encrypted ? Not yet. So now only operate OpenVCP in trusted environments.
    EDIT 0.2: There is support for TLS encryption now
  • Help, I can't login as Admin with standard password. Go to  http://www.yourdomain.tld/openvcp/admin and log in there
  • Why are the disk space informations incorrect ? You have to mount the partition with "-otagxid"
  • When i delete a vps, does it delete the whole /vservers/<name> folder? Yes it does.
  • after setting a "limit" does a vps have to be restarted? Yes.
  • how do i create own images for openvcp? Follow this article:
  • Are there some images ready for openvcp? Yes there are: