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OpenVCP Downloads






svn co  svn://

svn co

Older Versions

May be found at

Premade Images (maintained by Florian Strankowski aka 'fLoo')

No Image is longer available

Usage: Extract them into your /<vservers-root>/images directory. Every Image comes with just openssh-server installed so you can ssh into the new machine. Make sure to run an update (e.g.: apt-get update && apt-get upgrade) after installing the guest. Depending on the guest-os its necessary to have atleast the minimum amount of tools installed. This may differ between the distributions. The Domain '' is owned by 'fLoo'.

1 - Debian

32 BIT
64 BIT

2 - Ubuntu

  • Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 - 32 BIT []

5 - Fedora

6 - Mandriva