Codename: Mao feng

// We need something cool, all suggestions are welcome

list of features:

(should contain every feature even the ones that already exist in 0.5, just highlight new features)


  • Support for linux-vserver and kvm
  • ability to move vserver from node to node
  • Make usage of new cgroups instead of the now legacy memory/cpu-limit system
  • Full IPv6-Support


  • Provides an API to make external resource-calls and actions possible
  • Full IPv6-Support


  • create, remove, edit virtual servers


  • ...


  • ...

Develop a License-Model

  • This has to be done in cooperation with NGZ as main supporter. We need to find a good licensing model which covers 99,9 % of customers needs - this means we should care about the "i am new to virtualisation" people upto companys.